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Quality • Convenient • Affordable • Transparent

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of primary care where patients have direct access to their doctor via phone, text, or email 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


We guarantee same or next-day appointments and accept patients with any type of insurance or no insurance.

In a typical fee for service practice, a doctor sees 20-30 patients per day, allowing 5-15 minutes per patient. All our patients’ initial appointments are 60-minute and follow-ups are at least 30-minutes. At 360 MD, you will never feel rushed.


We communicate directly through phone, text, email and our tech-forward app, Healthie. There is no confusing portal to navigate or front office to get through to speak to your doctor. We are here for you when you need us.

In a traditional practice, once you leave the office, if you’ve forgotten to mention something, you must wait until the next appointment to talk about it. It is nearly impossible to reach that doctor again to ask them a question. If you get sick and know you just need a medication called in, it rarely happens without another trip back to the doctor. At 360 MD you can easily communicate directly with your provider and often be treated without even coming into the office.


Our patients pay a low monthly membership fee regardless of their insurance status, giving access to all premium services. Services include unlimited office visits with no copays, guaranteed same or next day appointments, and direct access to your doctor. Fees are based on age. Healthcare can and needs to be an affordable priority to you and we do our best to facilitate that. Patients can cancel anytime; there is no long-term commitment or buy-in.


No hidden fees! At 360 MD you know exactly what you’ll be paying, upfront. How often are you afraid to use your insurance because you have no idea what your charge will be later? Or you sign up for a new insurance plan, months go by, and you have no idea which doctor you can see, what is covered, and what the cost will be? With direct primary care, you always know what you are getting and how much it will cost. Not only are our primary care services offered for one low monthly fee, we have agreements with testing and other services that provide up to 90% discounts which we pass along to our patients at no extra cost. And, on those occasions where referrals to specialists or other medical treatment is warranted, we work closely with our patients who have private medical insurance or Medicare or seek affordable cash options.

services included

  • All office visits (well-child checks, sick visits, routine gynecological care, annual exams, physicals for school, sports, camps, etc.)
  • Chronic disease management, advice and counseling, prescribing of medications
  • In-office tests (rapid strep, blood glucose, pulse oximetry, urinalysis [dipstick], fecal occult blood, urine pregnancy)
  • Communication by messaging, phone or email
  • Laceration repair (tissue adhesive, stitches, or staples); including topical or local anesthesia
  • Skin tag/mole removal, skin biopsy, abscess incision and drainage, ingrown nail repair, ear wax removal, foreign body removal (e.g., from skin, ear, etc.)
  • Basic wound care, splinting or wrapping of sprains, strains or minor fractures

Acute conditions or illnesses we can treat at 360 MD include:

Sore throat, strep, influenza, allergies, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, asthma attacks, urinary tract infections, STDs, cellulitis, abscesses, sprains, strains, and minor fractures, burns, cuts, and lacerations.

Chronic Conditions/Diseases that we can treat at 360 MD include:

Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, congestive heart failure, hypothyroidism, migraines and other headaches, arthritis, GERD, ulcers, epilepsy, overweight/obesity, asthma, COPD/bronchitis/emphysema, seasonal allergies, eczema.