Read this! Primary care that will change your life!

If you’ve made it this far then you’re looking for something better. Welcome. You found it. The traditional healthcare system is stifling. You feel trapped. You don’t know how to get in touch with your doctor and when you do, you can’t get into see him. Or you’ve planned far enough ahead, arrive to your appointment and feel rushed because you only have 20 minutes-maybe less, rarely more. Then you leave your appointment and forgot to mention the thing you came for. And don’t even mention the bill that comes weeks later after you thought you knew the price. Does this sound familiar?

In Direct Primary Care (DPC) this will NEVER happen to you. Never, ever, ever, never. Truly. Direct Primary care is not just a model of primary care. It’s a movement. Join the club. You will never leave.

What exactly is DPC? It is a membership model where Doctors charge an affordable monthly fee, granting them access to premium services. Better than what any insurance plan will give you. I promise. In fact many or most of our patients have insurance they deem “good” or “bad” plans. Many of our patients are self-employed, contract workers, or service industry, and do not have a traditional insurance plan. DPC works for everyone regardless of insurance status.

What does your monthly membership fee cover?

·     Direct access to your doctor. No confusing portal system, rigid front desk, or nursing barrier to fight through.

·     Message your doctor directly and no confusing portal to navigate  

·     Unlimited visits: You can come in as often or as little as you want. Because we don’t have a “pay to play” model, an appointment for a refill is rarely needed. Or if you forgot your meds on vacation, a simple text to your doctor and an hour later, your refill is ready at the nearest pharmacy.

·     No rush: All are visits are 30-60 minutes for those wanting their provider to really know their health journey.

·     Guaranteed same or next day appointments. We are available WHEN YOU NEED US!

·     TRANSPARENCY: We value transparency and never charge patients without them knowing and understanding exactly what they are paying for. You ALWAYS know what you are paying before you pay it. YES, REALLY.

Not only will you love going to the doctor (you will, trust us) but your doctor will love seeing you. Because the quality of care we can provide makes us so happy. It is freeing to be able to get to know our patients.It is freeing not to be dictated by insurance companies, needing to spend more time with our heads down charting into the computer system than facing our patients personally. It is freedom that we can listen and hear what YOU NEED.

DPC was the best decision we ever made. Will it be yours?